PKG File Extension – How to Open .PKG Files in Windows or Mac

Got an important file in .PKG file format? This guide explains in details about .PKG files, and how to easily open them in Windows or Mac.

What are .PKG Files?

PKG (Package) files are used by Apple OS X operating systems. PKG files contain compressed installation files which are used when the operating system installs software applications on the user’s hard drive.

.PKG File Extension

Various file types may use the PKG file extension such as the PlayStation Store Download Package, or the Symbian OS, which uses PKG file for storing application execution SIS files in the system in the form of text.

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Opening PKG File

If the PKG file is in Mac OS installation file format, use Mac OS to open and install the application. In Mac, the PKG file is associated with the Installer tool that manages the installation of such files.

PKG files which are intended to be used on Mac cannot be installed on any other operating system, though the content of the file can be viewed.

If it is in Symbian OS installation format, use a device with the Symbian OS installed to open it.

Symbian PKG files can also be opened with a text editor since they contain command lines, instructions and information in the form of text. If you are unable to open it with a text editor, you may have another type of PKG file.

Opening PKG File on Mac

If you download an application for your Mac, the installation files may be stored in a PKG file. If you want to install the application, double click on the PKG file, or right click on the PKG file and select Open with >

Or, you can also view the content of the PKG file without installing the application. To do that, right click on the PKG file and select Show package content in the menu.

Opening PKG File on Windows

You can use the following software to open and view the contents of a PKG file without installing it.

  • WinRAR
  • WinZIP
  • 7-Zip

Right click on the PKG file and select Open with > WinRAR (or any other application you want to open the PKG file with). Once the file is opened in the application, you will be able to see the content inside.

Be careful when installing PKG files from unknown sources, because these are installation package files and may contain unwanted and harmful malware and viruses.

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