ODT File Extension – How to Open .ODT Files

About ODT Files

ODT is short for Open Document Text. It is created word processing programs like OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice and AbiWord etc. This file type is most closely related to the OpenOffice Writer program.

Most probably, you have heard of the DOCX file format, that is the file format created by the Microsoft Word. ODT is similar to that, as both file formats are used for storing text, images and formatted text etc. That is why, ODT is compatible with a lot of word processing programs.

ODT files are generally created by Apache OpenOffice Writer, as it is a free and an open-source program, that is why it is a good option for those who are unable to buy programs. It is just as similar to MS Word’s DOCX file format. You can use it to write letters, assignments, resumes, insert pictures or display data in the form of graphs. There are a lot of options.

Programs for Opening ODT Files

ODT files are created by Apache OpenOffice Writer program, so this program is the best option in this case. Other programs that you can use for this purpose are as follows:

  • LibreOffice Writer
  • AbiWord
  • Doxilion
  • Microsoft Word

You can use Microsoft Word Online or Google Docs to access these files online. ODT Viewer is also an option in this case, but this program only lets you view ODT files, you cannot make any changes to the document with this program.

With LibreOffice or MS Word, you can easily open ODT files, edit them and save the modified file. You can also use these two programs to convert the ODT file into other file formats. But doing so can result in loss of formatting.

If you are are Mac user, you can make use of NeoOffice, LibreOffice or Apple TextEdit to open ODT files. For Linus, Calligra Suite and AbiWord are the programs suited for this task. Also note that the MS Word Online and Google Docs can be used across any operating system.

For Android users, OpenDocument Reader or Collabora Office can be used to handle this task easily. iOS users should consider using BML Solutions OOReader or ikuDocs to carry out this task.

Note that Microsoft Word is available across almost all of these operating systems, so if you have that available, then it is the best option to go with.

Converting ODT Files

You can also convert ODT files into DOC, TXT or PNG etc. using online tools such as Zamzar or FileZigZag. Both of these tools lets you convert ODT files online. You simply have to upload the ODT file, wait for it to convert it into a desired format and then download the converted file.

However, you can also convert ODT files using LibreOffice or MS Word. Here’s how:

  • Open the ODT file using LibreOffice or MS Word.
  • Click on File>Save As, then choose format that you want to save the file in.

Here’s how you can convert the ODT file via Google Docs:

  • Right-click the file that you want to convert.
  • Click on File>Download as.
  • Then select the file format in which you want to save the file in.

That’s it. Let us know if you have any query related to this particular file extension.

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