DOCM File Extension – How to Open or Convert .DOCM Files in Windows

What is .DOCM File Extension?

DOCM files were first introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 and are created by Microsoft Word. DOCM files, like DOCX files can store text, images, shapes and charts etc but the difference between them is that DOCM files are designed to execute macros.

DOCM File Extension

Now, you might be wondering what macros are. Macros are automated actions recorded by the user for the computer to perform. These macros can be executed within the DOCM file to perform the user specified tasks.

DOCM files also use the XML and ZIP formats for compression and security purposes just like DOCX files.

What are DOCM Files Used for

Creating new or editing existing documents as a DOCM file helps users save time because of macros that perform the user specified tasks and save users the trouble of having to do the same task repeatedly. Users can perform macros to do tasks, such as formatting a document, making calculations etc.

Only download DOCM files from trusted sources and be extremely careful when opening them as the macros in the DOCM files may store malicious codes.

Applications Open DOCM Files

  • Microsoft Word (2007 or higher)
  • OpenOffice Writer
  • WPS Office Writer

Opening DOCM Files

Double click on the DOCM file to open it. Chances are that the applications such as Microsoft Word or WPS Office Writer will open it automatically if the file associations are correctly set up.

If not, select the application that can open DOCM files from the menu to open it.

If you do not see the application in the list, you have to browse your computer and manually select the application by clicking Look for another app on this PC.

If you are having problems opening DOCM files, update the application you use to open DOCM files.

If the DOCM Files are created with the latest version of an application, then only the latest versions of applications can open the DOCM files.

Converting DOCM Files to DOCX Microsoft Word

You can easily convert DOCM files to DOCX file extension with Microsoft. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Open the DOCM file with Microsoft Word. Navigate to File > Save as.
  2. Now, select DOCX from the drop down menu to convert your file to DOCX. You can also select another file type if you want to convert the document into another file type.
  3. Now, set the location where you want to save it and click Save.

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