What are BIN Files? Methods to Open .BIN Files

Got an important file with .bin extension? Well, this article explains everything you need to know about BIN files along with methods to easily open bin files.

BIN File Extension

What is .BIN File?

The .bin is a file extension that is used for multiple purposes. It was mostly used in the purpose of making image files and burning them on to CD/DVD for backup.

Its use is also common with anti-virus programs. The use of this file extension is not very common these days.

Programs to Open BIN Files

BIN files are not commonly used these days. So, in order to access the BIN files, you have to make use of old tools like Daemon Tools, Power ISO and MagicISO.

Methods to Open the .BIN Files

In order to access the .bin file on your computer, you can choose one of the three ways discussed in this article – Either by making use of a text editor, or by burning the .bin file, or by converting it into an ISO file.

Method # 01: Convert .BIN to ISO

In order to convert the .bin file into an ISO file, you will have to make use of a program. Daemon Tools, MagicISO and Power ISO are one of those programs.

  1. Once you have installed one of these programs, follow these steps:
  2. Run the program and go to the ‘tools’ menu and click the ‘BIN to ISO’ option.
  3. Select the BIN file and also select the name and the save location for the ISO file.
  4. Start the conversion process.
  5. Once the ISO file is ready, Right-click it and mount it to a virtual drive.
  6. Then burn the file onto the virtual drive.
  7. Once the burning is complete, you can open the virtual drive and access the files.

Method # 02: Burning the BIN file

Step 1: Locate the BIN file. You will also need a CUE file. If the CUE file is not there, you will have to create one.

Step 2: In order to create a CUE file, you need to open the Notepad and type the following:

FILE “filename.bin” BINARY

Track 01 MODE1/2352

Index 01 00:00:00

Step 3: In the place of the “filename.bin”, type the name of the BIN file with quotations.

Step 4: When saving the CUE file, click on File, then click on the ‘Save As’ and then select the ‘Save as type’. Save the file with “.CUE” extension and save this file in the same location with the BIN file.

Step 5: Open the program (that you installed previously like Daemon Tools, power ISO or MagicISO).

Step 6: Now, you have to open the BIN file or the CUE file. It depends on the program that you are using. After this, start the burning process.

Method # 03: Creating a Virtual Drive and Mounting the BIN File

A virtual drive works similarly to a physical drive. It loads the image file in the same way as a disc is loaded.

For this purpose, you will have to install WinCDEmu. Do note that the image file should be supported by the computer, otherwise it won’t work.

Windows 8 and above versions have a built-in software for this purpose, but for that purpose, you will have to convert the file into an ISO file first.

  1. Open the WinCDEmu and select the ‘Mount Image’ option.
  2. Locate the CUE file and load it.
  3. Now, you can access the files by opening the virtual drive.

These were some of the methods that you can use in order to access the BIN files on your computer. Hopefully, this guide proved useful to you.

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