.AIFF Files Extension – How to Open or Convert AIFF Files

This guide explains all about AIFF (also known as AIF or AIFC file extensions), what are they for and how to open or convert them.

What is AIFF, AIF or AIFC File Extensions?

The AIFF file extension was developed by Apple in 1998. AIFF stands for Audio Interchange File Format. Windows users may know this file extension as AIF and Mac users may know it as AIFF. The variant of AIFF in compressed state is known as AIFC.

How to Open .AIFF File Extension

What are AIFF Files Used for

AIFF are 16 bit and has two uncompressed channels for stereo sound recorded at 44.1 KHz. AIFF files contain high-quality and uncompressed audio and take up greater disk space as compared to other audio file extensions like the MP3 file extension.

AIFF extension was used by Apple iTunes and other programs to burn audio CDs.

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Applications to Open AIFF Files

  • VLC Media Player
  • Windows Media Player
  • Apple Music (Mac)
  • Apple iTunes (Mac)

How to Open AIFF Files in Windows and Mac

The applications listed above can open AIFF files on Windows and Mac.

  • Open the application, and drag and drop the AIFF file into the application. Or,
  • Press CTRL + O and select the AIFF file from your computer.

iPhones and iPads have native support for AIFF files but you may need a file converter if you want to play AIFF files on Android or other non-Apple devices.

How to Convert AIFF Files

You can use iTunes on to convert AIFF files to other file formats like MP3. To convert an AIFF file to another format, follow the steps below.

  • Open the AIFF file in iTunes.
  • Navigate to File > Convert Create MP3 Version.

You can also use other file converters like Free Studio or online converters like FileZigZag, if the AIFF file is small in size.

AIFC files can be opened by iTunes, Windows Media Player, and VLC Video Player. AIFC files can be converted to other formats with audio converters like Freemake Audio Converter or online audio converter like FileZigZag.

Hopefully, we were able to provide information about AIFF files.

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